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Life Fountain in The Community

Updated: May 4, 2021

Here we highlight different stories from our Community!

Little Leticia

Although it is not the month of April when children’s day is celebrated, we couldn’t wait to tell you the story of a woman with a young girl’s heart and mind. Little Leticia P., of the age of 45 years old, who’s mind set and energy is that of a 2 to 3 year old girl due to lack of oxygen during childbirth caused by the umbilical cord being tangled around her little neck, which prevented her from getting one of the most important and precious elements named oxygen. Leticia was born February 1974, in Michoacán, Mexico, product of the marriage of Alberto and Maria Guadalupe. The beautiful little girl with white complexion, straight black hair, small mouth and lips and beautiful jet black eyes, had been diagnosed with an intellectual disability which indicated that her brain would not develop beyond that of a two to three year old girl. The circumstance of life led Lety’s family to move to California. At the age of 30, Lety had to face the pain of losing her mother (†), and her father, who was already living in Minnesota with his wife Ana, invited her to come and live with them.

Services for Assistance

From California, Lety already obtained services to assist Lety to lighten the burden of the family and that everyone, including her, could perform their daily activities. So, when Lety arrived in Richfield, her dad started looking for the best option to assist Lety with her cares. It was not long after when Alberto met Wilmar, CEO of Life Fountain Home Healthcare in person, who told him about the services offered by his company. Since Alberto was already familiar with these kinds of services, it was not difficult for him to decide to join the LFHHC family. Since then, and to this day, Lety enjoys all the benefits that LFHHC offers. During the week, LFHHC staff helps Lety stay on her routine to a tee. Every day, she gets up the bathe, brush her teeth and do household chores that a 3- year- old girl can do.

A Very United Family

“Lety has changed our lives in a very positive way”, comments Ana, step-mom to Leticia. “She has taught us a lot about patience and love for other people with disabilities,” she adds. The beautiful 45- year- old girl has not only managed to educate her family, but has also united them even more. “Every night, about 8 o’clock, we all sit together and have dinner”, Ana comments. “She talks to us and tells us so many things during and at the end of dinner she will assist with picking up the dishes” she adds. For Lety, not only her family is important, but also their pets: a Chihuahua dog named Ruby and a kitten named Lucero. Her love for her two pets is so big, that she prefers to play with them rather than with her toys. Both her family and her pets have helped Lety feel integrated, and above all, cope with the difficult days that arise month after month. “For Three days straight Lety will cry, sleep, will want to fight and demands food,” Ana tells us. “We already know that during those difficult days we must be more patient and loving with her,” she adds. But once that difficult period of time passes, Lety is again the beautiful girl who loves to smile and social with everyone and anyone who comes to our house.

A Young Girl's love

“She loves her dad,” says Ana. “Her love for him is so big, that she tends to get jealous of her dads own sisters”, she concludes. And so, between love, special cares, pets and family dinners every night, Lety’s life unfolds. It could be thought that her intellectual disability has been an impediment for her and the family, but is not so, but that her disability has led the whole family to experience the most sublime thing that a person can feel: called Love!

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