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Rustic waterfall. Water flowing around trees.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced & Qualified Staff

Life Fountain was established in April 2007 and has become one of the most reputable service providers in Minnesota, thanks to God who gave us the vision and opened the doors to open the company. We have continued to grow since then and one thing remains constant: We strive to place the persons we serve at the core of everything we do.

The company name originated from the Spanish phrase “Manantial de Vida”, which translates to English as “spring/waterfall of life”. Thus, the company became Life Fountain.

We thank God for putting people in our path that have provided us support and look to pass that on by providing the best service to you!

Why Choose Us?: About Us



Our mission is to empower everyone we serve to live a fulfilled life, by providing resources, support, and comprehensive services with respect, dedication, and integrity. 


To connect and support Minnesota’s diverse community through our wide range of services and supports. 


Commitment & Implementation

Life Fountain has worked to develop person centered and positive behavior support practices, to understand what is important to and for our employees and our persons served.

To be person-centered teaches us to treat individuals with dignity and respect, while supporting them to build their strengths and talents. We work hard to help our persons served connect to their community and develop relationships while listening and taking time to understand individuals and the things that make them unique.

Some of the projects we are currently working on to achieve this:

  • Bi-annual surveys for all persons served, and evaluations for our staff

  • Adjusting and constantly improving training materials to include Person-Centered Training

  • Using our "Gaceta" Newsletter to highlight and teach our community about Person Centered Practices

  • Use of person-centered exercises for our office staff

  • Working on a person-centered thinking action plan for these practices


At Life Fountain, we seek to fulfill your needs, which enable all of us to be the best version of ourselves. Through our values, we seek to empower all of our persons served to reach their full potential. 

  Our Values Are:














Margarette J., PCA/DSP

I am so happy to be part of the family LF and since I came to LF I feel welcome. It’s just like a second family and I really appreciate the good work and I appreciate you LF for listening to me and for appreciating me and my mom


Sandra P., DSP 

I have enjoyed working here.I like the emphasis on the person-centeredness in that kind of approach to the services that we offer. I am presently doing Respite, but I have done other services too and it’s nice to work with this organization. The staff is very friendly and helpful I appreciate working for a company that is so nice to its employees and to their clients This has been a very enjoyable experience and I Thank you. 


Naty C., DSP 

Ha sido y es un placer trabajar para LF, tengo trabajando muchísimo tiempo Y he tenido una experiencia muy bonita y agradezco bastante que me hayan abierto sus puertas para darme la oportunidad de trabajar con gente discapacitada mayormente, Gracias y que Dios los Bendiga a todos.

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