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What services does the Life Fountain Office offer?

Life Fountain is a growing healthcare agency where we offer a wide variety of different services. The wide range of services help us reach out and uplift our community in many ways. At our office we have qualified staff that administer and support all of the staff that is spread throughout the Twin Cities metro area. While our office is currently closed to visitors because of the ongoing pandemic, we would like to explain what services are offered and how we here in the office can assist you in starting, adjusting, or changing a service. If you are interested in working with us, currently our agency is offering job positions for both Personal Care Assistant (PCA) and Direct Support Professional (DSP)!

Life Fountain offers:

Personal Care Assistant (PCA), basic support, intensive support, and employment services through our Home and Community Base Services.

PCA services are focused on the personal care of a minor or an adult. This includes a minor with special needs, an elderly adult, or someone who simply had an accident and now requires assistance with their daily living.

Basic services include Homemaking, Respite, Individual Community Living Support (ICLS), and a few more.

Intensive services include Night supervision, Semi-Independent Living Skills (SILS), and many other services that were reimagined under the name of Individualized Home Supports (IHS).

Employment services include Employment Exploration, Employment Development, and Supported Employment services. With any of the services within the employment category there is a job coach involved to assist the person served through the full process.

Aside from all the services mentioned Life Fountain, Here at life fountain we also provide Case Management services.

If you have any questions about any of the services listed here please reach out to our office at 651-403-6034.

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