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Debunking Myths about PCA's

As a PCA Provider, we get many questions about working in or receiving PCA services. Below are 10 myths about PCAs and their answers!

1.Are PCAs nurses?

PCAs are not nurses, but the roles can be confused since they both work in the health care area and their uniform can be confused but they are very different careers.

2. A PCA can’t give home care, they only work in hospitals.

On the contrary, a PCA provides services only in home. The focus of a PCA is to care for the person served in the community, assist them with basic needs and even accompany them but that they don't require greater medical hospital care.

3. Do I have to go to college to be a PCA?

You do not have to have a 4 year degree to be a PCA. With the necessary orientations, trainings and courses that the same agency provides supported by the state are enough to become a PCA.

4. Can a PCA administrate medication to the person being served?

No. Only in the case of an emergency if it’s required and if their medical support has left the medicine prepared with the right dosage.

5. Should a PCA drive the person they serve where the person needs to go?

A PCA can’t drive their person served, but can accompany them using other transportation services.

6.Can a PCA work with different agencies?

They could, as long as they don't go over the amount of hours allowed per month to work. The PCA can contact their local county social services to inquire about work time and limits.

7. Should a PCA clean their client's home?

The PCA can only clean the area that has subsequently become soiled, but can never deep clean and much less clean areas that do not have to do with the client that has become soiled.

8. Are you allowed to call to schedule medical appointments for the client?

No, that is something the parent or guardian must do.

9. Is the PCA obligated to take care of other family members?

No, a PCA is only hired to monitor the person served and provide assistance for their needs for that person only.

10. Can a parent provide PCA services in person?

Yes, many parents can apply as patient caregivers, it is an easy process to get started, they will have to apply through their preferred company.

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