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Nicole Wehr

Contracted Case Manager

Nicole is an experienced case manager with Ramsey County and is also a professional Life/Spiritual Intuitive Coach. She advocates for her persons served and ensures that the services and support they receive are effectively working for them. She has received all of her Life Coaching certifications through Transformational Services out of California. She is currently working on her CBT and NLP certifications as well. It is her goal to continue to provide the best services and supports for all of her persons served, as well as continue to advocate on behalf of her persons served so that they can live the best life they deserve. She enjoys meditating and reading, as well as knitting. She has her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Law and chose to work within the human services/social services field because she enjoys giving back to others. Nicole has been working in this field for more than 4 years and enjoys her job as well as her amazing Life Fountain family.


Nicole Wehr
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