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What is a Service Agreement?

Service agreements are an important part of what we do here at Life Fountain. When talking about service agreements one must talk about where your services are being funded. At Life Fountain, our agency provides home and community-based services that are funded and approved by the state of Minnesota, an individual’s waiver, or insurance provider. The way an agency confirms when they are approved to provide supports is through a service agreement or service authorization. A Service Agreement is a letter that contains important information about an individual’s service(s) details.

Other details included in the services agreement letter are the services needed, the type of service, the service agreement number unique to that authorization, the number of hours for each service, the date span approved, and confirmation a specific agency is approved to provide your service. These Services agreement letters may look different depending on your primary insurance provider. Because of the information on the service agreement letter, it is very important for an agency and a person served to obtain it.

Once a service agreement letter is received at Life Fountain, we review the information then enter this into the company’s system. As services are provided to you the company bills the service agreement and informs you of the changed hours as time passes. When you have reached the end of the year a new evaluation is completed for your service and a new service agreement is sent to Life Fountain.

As you can see, service agreements are a big part of the everyday operations of our agency. Also, please know Life Fountain also accepts private pay! If you have any questions about your service agreement, please give us a call at 651-403-6034 to speak with your direct supervisor.

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