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Iris Garcia

Office Manager, Intake Coordinator

Hello, my name is Iris and I am the intake coordinator and case aid here at Life Fountain. I have had the pleasure to call Life Fountain my home for the last 3 years, my time here has allowed me to grow within different roles and departments. I take pride in my ability to help and grow with all company changes.
As a case aide I help case managers complete tasks such as daily paperwork, I help with communication between case managers and our persons served, coordinate appointments and complete other side tasks as needed. As an intake coordinator, I am the main contact for all new individuals wanting to enter our agency. I can help match individuals up with services with Life Fountain and case management. I am also a great source of information for all PCAs, and DSPs! I can usually be found in the office helping individuals with EVV, service information and any concerns or questions they may have.

651-403-6034 EXT 195

Iris Garcia
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