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How to complete Timesheets?

Updated: May 4, 2021

During this difficult and unusual time, we recognize that it can be challenging to get around when it comes to turning in timesheets. No one expected this pandemic to be around for so long and impact us this much. At this moment we are accepting faxed and emailed timesheets. However, we still need original copies, which can be mailed or dropped off at your earliest convenience.

Timesheets can still be submitted in person, but we ask that you please place them in the mailbox provided next to the main entrance. If by any chance you need anything from us here in the office, please call ahead of time and arrange for a pick-up time with a member of our staff, we will get what you need you when you arrive! Additionally, we recommend to always practice social distancing when dropping off items at the office and to wear a mask for your safety and the safety of our staff.

As you all know timesheets are due the following Monday after payday on Thursday. If you need a payday calendar, please contact us to provide you with the correct forms. Please make sure to turn in timesheets on time. Not turning in timesheets will affect your pay. Turning in late timesheets, causes checks to be delayed and also affects the hours of your person served. Hours will not reflect correctly, and it will play a big role if the person you work with has multiple PCA’s.

Please remember that it is important that timesheets are filled out correctly.

  • This includes having the person served and the employee's full name, initials in the correct boxes checked, based from the work done for that day.

  • Additionally, hours need to be marked as P.M and/or A.M.

  • Timesheets must be filled correctly and signed by the responsible party, the signatures must match the signatures provided on the clients care plan.

This is to help ensure accurate documentation and record keeping for you and our agency. If there are any questions please free to contact us here in the office, we will gladly help you.

Take care!

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