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Types of daily routines that can enrich your everyday life

Updated: May 4, 2021

Hello and best wishes to all! Whatever your current circumstances may be during this time of social isolation, it can be helpful to develop a daily routine. A routine provides security and predictability for children and adults alike.

The routine could include: some work/school/home responsibilities, community interaction utilizing technology and activities that are fun and creative. Whether you are alone or with a house full of people, routine creates structure and purpose to the day.

The following are suggestions that you may find helpful, or you can come up with your own:

  1. Get dressed and ready for each day

  2. Complete work, school and home duties at a set time

  3. Make a to do list that is reasonable to complete

  4. Pick a job you have been avoiding and get it done, then admire your work

  5. Get some exercise

  6. Organize an area of your home

  7. Reach out to someone in need each day to let them know you are thinking of them

  8. Keep communication going with others, even when you cannot be with them

  9. Have some fun and creative time each day and choose from the following activities or come up with your own:

  10. Read a good book

  11. Learn a new hobby

  12. Play a game or create your own game

  13. Keep a journal

  14. Make a list of things you are grateful for, add one thing everyday

  15. Help your kids make their own newspaper for your family

  16. Help your children make a book

  17. Put on music you enjoy listening or dancing

  18. Encourage your children to put on a show for the family, they decide what to do

  19. Bake a cake or cookies

  20. Make a list of things you love about someone in your family, decorate the list and give it to them

  21. Take up scrapbooking (you can use a binder, folder or glue/staple pages together, children can draw and decorate the pages themselves, cut pictures out of magazines)

  22. Learn how to cook. Or if you already know how, try making something new!

  23. Have a fun movie night complete with popcorn or other favorite snack

  24. Give your pets extra attention

You may not be able to start all of these at once or find interest in all of these, but I hope that these can be ideas that help you formulate your own routine!

hope you stay well and find joy in each day!

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