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The importance of a QP

Updated: May 4, 2021

We dedicate this space to comment on the importance of a Qualified Professional. (QP)

A QP must have and know all the information related to the labor field to be able to develop its work in an efficient way. The QP exists to help the individuals we support to provide information, provide assistance to PCAs or detail modes with special features or conditions. A QP must always prove their profession before offering their services to a PCA provider agency. The idea of a QP is used with respect to the profession that has and has the necessary knowledge The experience of a QP is combined and allows it to do a constant job in favor of the PCA and the individual.

The concept of a QP refers to all the knowledge and skills necessary to perform its activities excellently. A QP must be professional at all times and listen rightly to the individuals we support and the PCA to offer them a better plan of care and service. The monitoring of the care plan and the work of the staff is essential and important not only for the individual who has the services, but for the company. When you maintain a good professional relationship, the individual and staff feel more confident to accept the help and listen to the recommendations of the QP if necessary.

A Qualified Professional provides a necessary service to our families here at Life Fountain and we take pride in the service they provide and the work they do!

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