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Communicating with our Office team

Updated: May 4, 2021

Hello everyone! I hope you and your families are doing well during these tough times. The reception of Life Fountain I always receives calls and emails regarding the best way to communicate or when they should call the company whether it might be about Timesheets, communicating with someone in the office, supervisors, administration, family emergencies, being sick, and much more and especially during this pandemic.

Here are some tips on how/when you should communicate with Life Fountain the best way possible:

Calling the office/COVID-19

The best way to communicate with Life Fountain is to be comfortable talking with the receptionist. Tell me what might be troubling you regarding Timesheets,finding staff,being staffed for someone or even COVID-19 related questions. Due to the pandemic happening we do ask that if you or anyone from your household does test positive or has any symptoms of COVID-19 it’d be best to let me know ASAP for we are aware of the situation and let the employee know about Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act). If you want more information regarding FFCRA please give us a call. If you aren’t comfortable talking to me you can always leave a message for whoever it might be for and I will relay the message on. Please don’t be afraid of leave a voice message and I will respond as soon as I can.


There is nothing wrong with going away with your family for a vacation or having last minute emergencies, it is something we all enjoy. But it is very irresponsible to let us know very last minute about your vacation. The office needs to know at least 2 weeks in advance to be able to find someone and it is also wise to let the clients responsible party know about your

vacation/emergency so they can be aware of what is happening. If you aren’t able to contact the responsible party please call your supervisor and let them know.


If you aren’t able to contact reception or anyone from the office through the phone, emailing support would be the second best way to get in contact with Life Fountain. We receive emails all the time and if you aren’t sure what the best email is you can always give us a call to ask. Ask us anything through email if you’re aren’t able to call us and we will gladly help you. Our support email is


Building a good relationship with your supervisor is also a very good way to communicate with them and the company. Do not be afraid to ask for help from them or the company. We are here to help you succeed and grow as an individual and as a team. If you don’t know who your supervisor is or don’t know their phone number please email or call (651)403-6034 and I’ll be able to help you find who your supervisor is.


This is a big part of communicating with Life Fountain. We understand that you might have questions or you might be in a hurry to get a response back from the company but we are trying the best we possibly can to reach back to you. Do not be discouraged or think we do not care if we don’t respond back to you that same day as we are trying to find the best solution to help you. If you want to follow up with us don’t hesitate to do any of the tips provided above.

We hope you found these tips useful to help when you should communicate with us more and have a better understanding as well. We hope to hear from you all soon!

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