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STAR Services Training

About the Course

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are required to complete trainings mandated by the state of Minnesota. It is required that the trainings are completed within the first 30 days of official start date. The assigned trainings meet the mandated requirements for the 245D program. These trainings enable employees to get information, attitudes, skills and competencies needed to succeed as a Direct Support Professional.

DSPs are responsible for completing the online trainings provided through STAR services site, during the assigned time period. DSPs must verify that they are the person taking the training and are responsible for completing the training independently. A unique username and password will be given solely to be used by the intended DSP.

STAR Services has determined training credit hours that are assigned for each of the online courses. These credit hours are based on the content and the average time estimated for completion by participants. DSPs will be paid for online training time in accordance with wage and hour laws. Those who do not complete their trainings by the required date will be suspended from their position until further notice.

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